Tuesday, 15 March 2011

4th Episode : Marking Construction Site

continued from the previous post...... ^_^

After the construction site cleaned on Thursday (3/6/2010) .... on the next Saturday (5/6/2010) , we were taught how to mark the construction sites in the right way before starting the construction process by En. Hashim ( the construction adviser ) ....

Measure the site
make sure it's straight
determine the pad footing area
marking the pad footing area

sites were marked

On the same day....  we were divided into 3 groups and were asked by En. Hashim to discuss how to produce a scale drawing of the star base in true and accurate size.... the drawing will guide the formwork design process of  the star base ..... we were given a day to think and plan a simple way, fast and accurately to produce the drawing.... the drawing will be perform on the next Monday (7/6/2010) ...

En. Hashim
Short briefing from En. Hashim

will be continued.... :)

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