Wednesday, 13 April 2011

5th Episode : Formwork Design

Assalamua'laikum and Salam 1MALAYSIA to all readers ^_^

On the previous post all of you have knew how excited we are to begin the construction process. In this episode, we would like to share to all readers how the process begin. Once we receive the construction material, we start with formwork design process by using plywood and some woods...

the material arrives

we began by building a site for the formwork

making framework

nailing plywood to the frame
Once we have completed making site on the framework, we start to sketch a star shape on the plywood with the real scale...

sketching process

sketching process

sketching process

principal visits
formwork in the form of stars, which were completed was transferred and installed at the construction site with the help of Mr. Hasyim workers...

star-shaped formwork is almost ready

formwork that have been ready fitted in construction site

And that was our first construction activities that we do, we have gained so many knowledges during this activites. We would like to thank to Mr. Hasyim for giving us this golden opportunity and share the knowledge with us. We also would like to thank to our principal, Tuan Haji Khailani for visiting us and giving words of encouragement to us.

Thats all for this episode, we hope you guys enjoy reading this and don't forget to read the next episode....