Thursday, 24 February 2011

2nd Episode : The Meeting

Assalamua'laikum and Salam 1 MALAYSIA ^^

On the previous post we have produced two models and bring it to the consultant, and what is their answer??

After the two models are completed, we have brought the models to the consultant to obtain their views on it. After a week ... Our designs have been modified to produce a better design by the consultant in the form of engineering drawings.....

After that, We have started work to produce new model according to specifications provided by the consultant.....

  * this model is made from cardboard only and actually this is the third model we have produce

the new model completed

After the third model is completed, we held a meeting involving Senior Assistant HEM teacher of SMK Segambut Jaya, teachers of ET, ET students form 5 2010, consultants from the steel structure, clock, construction, landscaping and materials to discuss more about this model and the project

 - the meting was held in school meting room... 

* During the meeting, we had the opportunity to meet the real experience with the expert.....

In that meeting... we got the views from all consultant and finally..... we have decided to produced a new model to coincide with the results of the meeting...... 

We have produced a new model..... and the new model is like this....

the 4th model..... also the actual model that we use to make this tower....

After the 4th model produced & completed, we have decide to begin our construction activities..... Our dream almost came true........

So, thats all for this post and we will continue our dream on the next post soon...

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

1st Episode : The Journey Begins...

Assalamua'laikum and Salam 1 MALAYSIA to all readers ^^

you all know, we had the idea to build a clock tower, 
So.... we have asked and discuss with our Engineering Technology teacher Miss Aliza to produce some model for this project. Then we start this task with...

- Making the first model....

    * this first model is made from a huge plastic board & cardboard

drawing on plastic board
connecting all plastic parts that have been cut

The 1st  model completed

After first model was completed.... We take the next step by producing the second model of the clock tower

- Making second model....
    *this second model is made from plastic pipe & cardboard....

cutting plastic pipe

making 2nd model from plastic pipe
connecting all pipe part

1st & 2nd model completed

After the two models are ready, we have brought the models to the consultant to obtain their views on it....

So, what is the result?? Is it the consultant agree with this two models?? find the answer on our next post...

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Assalamua'laikum and Salam 1 MALAYSIA to all readers ^^

Today we want to share with you what is the truth behind the clock tower building. The idea to build this clock tower was inspired by 14 students of Engineering Technology in 2010 with the aim to make it as a landmark and became a symbol of pride to the schoolConsent of the principals has given us opportunists for the clock tower to realize.  The construction of this clock tower is to full fill the needs of Engineering Technology course work while in form 5 (SPM).

The construction of this clock tower has been running for 8 months from February 2010 until October 2010. Students have been working with experts from Pro DIY Enterprise Company, Minutes and Second Industry SDN BHD and many more in realizing the construction of this clock tower. Hence a lot of experiences has been gained during the construction process and can be applied on the students themselves.
Alhamdulillah, thanks to the support and contribution to all parties involved. The Islamic features landmark was built in accordance with the mission and vision of the school.

Behind The Scene

Teacher :

Cik Nor'aliza binti Ramali


Ahmad Marwan Hakim bin Mohd Raji (Head)
Bazli bin Badrul Hisham
Muhammad Aslam bin Zulkifli
Muhammad Idham bin  Jemangin
Faiz Azrai bin Abdul Halim
Ahmad Faiz bin Ahmad Nasir
Muhammad Azri bin Ahamad Bakry
Ammar Fadzli bin Ahmad Lutfi
Azri bin Khairul Anuar
Mohd Kamarul Hafiz bin Kamaluddin
Muhammad Amirul Firdaus bin Azman
Muhammad Firdaus bin Darussalam
Mohammad Hafiz bin Zainudin
Mohd Ridzuan bin Mat